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    Signing Ceremony of the Institute of Organic Optoelectronics among JITRI, Wujiang Government of Suzhou and Prof. Shuit-Tong Lee and His Team

    日期:2016-10-13 14:00:41

    The signing ceremony of the Institute of Organic Optoelectronics was successfully held in Wujiang Conference Center on July 13, 2017, which is jointly established by JITRI (Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute), Wujiang Government of Suzhou and Prof. Shuit-Tong Lee and his team. It’s a significant achievement for Wujiang Government to accumulate innovative resources, develop emergent industries and gain new momentum, which also paves the way for FOHO to be a national high-tech zone.

    The signing ceremony was witnessed by the representatives from JITRI, Wujiang Government of Suzhou and Prof. Shuit-Tong Lee’s team, which mainly includes Qing Liu, president of JITRI, Yi-Dong Hu, vice president of JITRI, Jian-Min Li, deputy inspector of the Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department, Prof. Shuit-Tong Lee and Prof. Yong-Fang Li, the member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yi-Bo Liang, secretary of the Wujiang District Party Committee, Guo-Fang Shen, vice secretary of the Wujiang District Party Committee and the district mayor of Wujiang. Ming Li, the member of the Standing Committee of the Wujiang District Committee of CPC and the Secretary of the Party and Labor Union of FOHO High-tech Zone, presided over the ceremony.

    Yi-Bo Liang stressed that the organic optoelectronic functional materials and devices have broad prospects in application in the field of new flat panel displays, new energies and photochemics, and that the global market of the organic optoelectronics is currently at a stage of accelerated formation. In this respect, JITRI, Wujiang Government of Suzhou and Prof. Shuit-Tong Lee and his team co-established the Institute. As the saying goes, “Good timing, geographical convenience and the cooperation make sense”. Therefore, Liang confirmed that, with all their effort, the Institute will aggregate global renowned elites and key technologies in the area of organic optoelectronics, and accelerate the transfer of patented technologies; it will also play a powerful role in promoting the economic restructuring and upgrading of Wujiang District, especially the related industries with the rapid development.

    Prof. Shuit-Tong Lee, the director of the Institute, remarked that the funding and the site supported by the local government are the footstone for the Institute. Lee also strengthened that the Institute will further introduce and incubate high-tech enterprises, aggregate renowned elites, and transfer patented technologies, which, in turn, will provide substantial economic benefits for the local government.

    Yi-Dong Hu remarked that JITRI will take the initiative to provide services and support for the Institute in order to push forward the sound and rapid development of the Institute and promote the Wujiang District to be an innovative zone of organic optoelectronic industries.

    The total investment of the Institute is supposed to be over 465 million RMB and the Institute is expected to be constructed within 10 years. The Institute is operated in the form of enterprises, which is also in the charge of JITRI. JITRI. Wujiang Government of Suzhou and Prof. Shuit-Tong Lee and his team respectively appoint one or two director(s), which is 5 in total, to run the Institute.

     The Institute will also set up an expert advisory committee, which consists of well-known experts and entrepreneurs in this field of organic optoelectronics at home and abroad. The committee is aimed to make plans of development strategies and evaluate projects for the Institute. The Institute will register in the local Industrial and Commercial Bureau, and the newly-founded enterprise will be managed by Prof. Shuit-Tong Lee and his team. 

    In the ceremony, Qing Liu, Guo-Fang Shen, Shuit-Tong Lee signed for JITRI, Wujiang Government of Suzhou and Shuit-Tong Lee’s team, respectively. Meanwhile, Prof. Liang-Sheng Liao introduced the objectives and visions of the Institute.